Systems and couplings realized

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Special executions: Flexible all metal couplings

bme BME range


For vertical applications, particularly when using long or heavy units, it is necessary to support the weight of the spacer to prevent damage to the flexible elements. This can be done by the simple method illustrated where the thrust bearing of the lower machine takes the weight.

cfe CFE range


When fitting direct to customer’s existing shaft flangest will often be found that the attachment hole arrangement, or the diameter of flange, will not conveniently fit with conventional adaptor plate. In such cases special adapters are used as illustrated.

eie Execution with electric insulation


On application involving electric motor driven pumps, it is often necessary to insulate against eddy currents. Such insulation can readily be introduced between adaptor and hub as illustrated.

hse Execution for high speed HSE range


For retention and repeatability of balance in high speed couplings to adopt that illustrated: the adaptor and spacer are accurately located through the flexible element, so ensuring concentricity whilst allowing full flexibility.

gce Flanged execution “CFE” type


With reversed hubs and spacer in to half

sre Ring spacer execution “SRE” type


In some instances, due to a very small shaft separation, it is not practicable to fit a conventional type of spacer. In these cases it is often possible to make the spacer portion in the form of single plate.

pre PRE range


With shear pins

rfe RFE range


For ease of fitting hubs to shafts it is possible to include taper bushes or the ringfedder system of attachment.