according to Agma 514.02


Load classification
U Uniform
M Medium
H High
Service Factors
F1 Prime mover
Electric motors
Piston engines
4 – 12 cilinders
Piston engines
1 – 3 cilinders
U 1
U 1,5
U 1,8
M 1,5
M 2,3
M 2,8
H 2
H 3
H 3,5


Driven machines
Special industries applications:
Foods Paper Chemical Building Rubber
U Centrifugal pumps M Calenders U Agitators M Hoists M Calenders
M Cane crushers H Damping rolls U Light centrifuges M Concrete mixers H Extruders
M Bottling filling machines H Wet press M Semi liquid agitators M Road construction machinery H Crushers
M Kneading Machines H Drying cylinders M Heavy centrifuges  
Metal rolling mills Metal working machines Wood Mining Plastig
M Live mill table U Machine tools auxiliary drivers M Planing machines M Main pumps M Calenders
M cooling beds M shears H Saw frames M Rails M Extruders
H Cold rolling mills M Machine tools main drives H Barkers M Winches M Mixers
H Plate cutters M Sheet metal bending   H Buket wheels  
H Billet shears H Presses, hanners, metal planing H Power shovels
Paking Machines tools Mills Textile Oil industry
M Welding U Auxiliary drivers H Rotary drier M Batchers M Pipeline pumps
H Formings M Main drivers H Roller mill M Willows H Rotary Drilling equipment
H Wrappings H Kilns M Tranning vats printing
H Rollers   H Stamping mills M Looms  
General applications:
Compressors Granes Pumps Conveyors Fans
U Axial U Travelling gear U Centrifugal M Apron drag conveyors M Centrifugal
U Centrifugal M Hoist gear M Semi liquid centrifugal M Elevators hoists   H Wind machine
M Turbo compressors M Slewing gear H Piston pumps H Belt conveyors  
H Piston compressors   H Inclined hoists  


F2 Start per hour service factor
1 – 25
26 – 60
61 – 120


F3 Temperature service factor
35° C
36° – 55° C
56° – 75° C
76° – 85° C


For more specific figures it is recommended that AGMA 514.02 or similar reference should be consulted, or reference made to our technical department