We plan and realise Flexible all metal couplings, Flexible couplings and Flexible elements for more than 70 years.


GTS TRASMISSIONI is experienced in mechanical transmission: we manufacture couplings and flexible elements.
GTS TRASMISSIONI is able to support customers from the beginning of the project to the final assembly.
Our standard production ranges from cost iron couplings / alluminium couplings (no sparking execution – certified -) all metal couplings (no sparking execution, API 610, API 671, NSE, all on request, ATEX94) to flexible elements (rubber, thermopastic and polyurethan elements).


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Flexible all metal couplings




Combination examples

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Flexible couplings


Coupling selection


The selection of the coupling size and type will be dependant on several factors.The first requirement must obviously be to choose a unit of adequate size of transmit the maximum torque and for this purpose it is advisable to use the actual available power of the driving machine, unless this latter is known not be exceeded.


Having determined the maximum HP or KW to be transmitted, this is divided by the speed to give the HP or KW / rpm: the result can be multipied with F1 – F2 – F3 service factors.


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Flexible elements – spot on

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Flexible element

Material: rubber
Shore: Sh A 75-80


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